Our Mission

Aims & Objectives 

To advance education in relation to gardening, local food growing, healthy eating, composting, and matters relating to the environment, biodiversity and living more sustainably. To advance physical and mental health and wellbeing by providing improved access to the outdoor environment, promoting an active lifestyle through participation in gardening and other outdoor leisure opportunities and promoting the benefits of growing and consuming healthy food in order to help maintain or improve health. To advance citizenship and community development (including the promotion of volunteering) through the provision of community garden spaces and by involving people who might otherwise be socially excluded in gardening, environmental improvement projects, community events and other appropriate activities which harness the skills and energy of the local community and promote community cohesion. To advance environmental protection and improvement through establishing, coordinating, supporting and/or managing projects which are directed towards preserving and making best use of the natural environment for the benefit of the general public and, in particular, those resident in the areas in which Grow 73 operates.